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Welcome to the Institute of Genetics!

Our institute focuses on the molecular mechanisms that regulate organismic interactions between plants and symbionts, parasites, and pathogenic microbes.

Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske

Signal Transduction in Root Symbiosis

Prof. Dr. Claude Becker

Genetics and Genomics of Plant-Environment Interactions

Prof. Dr. Korbinian Schneeberger

Genome Plasticity and Computational Genetics

PD Dr. Arne Weiberg

RNA Biology in Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Dr. Andreas Brachmann

Microbial Functional Genomics

Dagmar Hann, Ph.D.

Science Communication and Teaching of Plant-Microbe Interactions

Dr. Kate Parys
Receptor Kinase Signalling in
Plant-Microbe Interactions

Dr. Niklas Schandry

Specialized Metabolites in
Plant-Microbe Interactions