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FACS Equipment

Services and Instrumentation


BD Biosciences FACS Aria II Sorter

  • State-of-the-art fluorescence-activated cell sorter
  • Analyze up to 13 fluorescence channels plus forward scatter (relative size) and side scatter (internal complexity)
  • Four lasers provide excitation at 355 nm, 407 nm, 488 nm and 633 nm
  • Digital electronics
  • Acquisition rates of up to 70,000 events/second
  • Sort up to four populations simultaneously
  • Sort into a variety of tubes, multi-well plates, or onto slides
  • Control temperature of collection tubes


BD Biosciences FACSCalibur Dual Laser Flow Cytometer

  • Analyzes up to four fluorescence channels plus forward scatter and side scatter
  • Two lasers provide excitation at 488 nm and 633 nm
  • Applications include characterization of cell cycle, immunophenotyping, ploidy analysis, apoptosis assays, signal transduction assays, measurement of fluorescent protein expression


FlowJo Analysis Workstation

  • Post-acquisition compensation to correct cross-talk between fluorescence channels
  • Multiple graphing options
  • Algorithms for analysis of cell cycle and cell proliferation data