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May: Duncan Crosbie joined the lab.

February: Anne started an internship in collaboration with the lab of Makoto Hayashi.

                Sim Üstüner joined the lab.


December: Ruixun Wang joined the lab.

                  Tolga started an internship in collaboration with the lab of Anke Becker.

November: Macarena visited the Lab of Catherine Masson at the LIPM in Toulouse and gave a presentation.

October: Paul Irmer joined the lab.

               Tolganay started an internship in collaboration with the Lab of Anke Becker.

August: Valentina defended her BSc. thesis.

July: Yen Yu Lin started her Doctoral studies in the lab.

         Nicolaus von Wirén (IPK Gatersleben, Germany) visited the lab.

June: Stig U. Andersen (Aahrus University, Denmark) visited the lab. 

May: Tolganay Kabdullayeva joined the lab.

        Anne Greifenhagen joined the lab.

        Anna Blaylock joined the lab.

April: Eric Giraud (LSTM, France) visited the lab.

          Valentina Meyer joined the lab.

          Mokhtar Rejili (Gabes University, Tunisia) visits the lab in the context of our joint Tunger project.

February: Laura Eccleston joined the lab.

January: Sayantani Bhattacharjee joined the lab.


November: Our project on bacterial uptake by plant cells received funding by the DFG.

August: Macarena gave a talk at the 12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference in Budapest. 

July: Our BMBF-MESRS (Tunger) project in collaboration with Martin and scientists in Tunisia received funding.

June: Juan started her Doctoral studies in the lab.

April: Allan Downie (JIC, UK) visited the lab. Talk title: “Rhizobia, sticking around en route to legume infection”.

         Kateryna Nosenko received the faculty student award to conduct research in our lab.

March:  Juan Liang defended her MSc. thesis.